The BEST Support in the Business!

Why? Because SUPPORT is that IMPORTANT!

The First Line of Support is “Onboarding” (Support Part 1)

  • We pride ourselves on having a 1-2-3 onboarding process, and we have the know-how to make critical steps like data transfer painless. We also keep track of your progress and send out weekly status emails to stakeholders for full accountability.
  • Getting onboarding right is critical for our InstaManagers and is extremely important to us. We survey all new clients about their onboarding experience in order to continually improve our processes.

Friendly & Knowledgeable Support Staff (Support Part 2)

  • Comes w/ Unlimited Email & Phone Support.
  • All Support Issues are Logged and Ticketed.
  • Interactive Training w/ Focused Topics for You and Your Staff.
  • Comprehensive Online Help Documentation.
  • Professional Service Department for your Special Needs.